Let me begin by saying that there are many qualities of oil:  here you will find genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil…which means the olives should be pressed like in old times, with respect to the color, the flavor, the fragrance.  It’s true that nowadays there are no more stone-ground presses but it’s important that the oil preserves those same characteristics.

Perfect for a healthy diet and enhancing modern as well as classic dishes…

And if you have the chance to try our olive oil that has just been pressed, you will be able to taste the slight bite and full aroma of an excellent quality oil!

It is true, bread and olive oil are a great combination, but attention please, it must be Tuscan bread!

Have you ever tasted Tuscan bread? It is without salt!

It is said that this is because of a conflict between Florence and Pisa (rivalry still exists today).  Around 1100 A.D. it is said that Pisa decided to block the salt trade with Florence so as to force their submission. But the Florentines did not give up the fight– but simply began to make bread without salt.

You will realize that unsalted bread is a must to accompany typical Tuscan dishes, especially our salted meats and flavourful cheeses.

Tuscan bread is also the basic ingredient in some of our renowned recipes, like Ribollita (Vegetable and Bean Bread Soup) or Pappa al Pomodoro (Tomato and Bread Soup) and of course our Crostini con Fegatini (Chicken liver Patè Toast).

During your stay, you will see how this bread is prepared as well as “schiacciate al olio” –Florentine focaccia, which can be served with locally cured meats.

We can suggest many local restaurants where you can find various traditional dishes, or, you can hire a chef to cook the dishes of your choice.